News Round Up! – 11/07/16

This month Mayfair Games are releasing a new tile laying exploration game, Costa Rica. Players explore the rainforest of Costa Rica, looking for animals combinig set collection with a push your luck mechanic.
For more information click the link below

Lynnvander Studios have announced that they will be releasing Galaxy Quest: The Board Game in collaboration with Catalyst Game Labs (Shadowrun). In this cooperative, worker-placement board game players will be forced to take on the task of running a real alien space-ship. Based on the Galaxy Quest movie, this game has promised to convey the same comedic moments.
For the full announcement click the link below:

A new expansion has been announcedd from Kosmos (game publisher). In Legends of Andor: Journey to the North players will continue the heroes journey to the distant land of Hadria. The expansion promises new challenges, new heroes, and new creatures
For more information click the link below:

Power Grid – The Card game is coming from Friedemann Friese. In this streamlined verison the players represent CEOs of mighty power companies producing electricity. The new version will be released October 2016.

At Origins Game Fair Rio Grande Games released a new pick up and delivery game, Tiffin. Players will be taking the role of cyclists delivery hot lunches to workers with help from the train system. Tiffin is a somewhat light, area majority game that has a bit of luck and strategy.
For more information click the link below:


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