News Round Up! 29/08/16

Fantasy Flight Games are bringing out a new fast paced card game based on Game of Thrones, Hand of the King. Players collect banners of the Great Houses to represent influence in order to become Hand of the King.
Click the link for more details

A co-operative game based on The Wormworld Saga is being released from Iello games. The Mysterious Forest is a cooperative memory game where players help Jonas face the frightening Queen of the Draconias.
Click the link for more details

Fantasy Flight Games is releasing a new game in the Android Universe, New Angeles. In New Angeles 4-6 players take the role of powerful megacorps. Players will cut deals and forge temporary alliances in order to gain he most influence and wealth and win the gain.
For more details click the link

Cardassian and Ferengi Expansions announced for the newly released Star Trek: Ascendancy. Gale Force Nine are releasing these later this year. The Ferengi will have a focus on making trade deals, whereas the Cardassian’s focus on more aggressive tactics. Click the link below for details

Letters from Whitechapel is getting an expansion later this year. Within this expansion, you’ll find three modular decks to aid the policemen or Jack there are also miniatures replacing the Policemen, Jack, and Wretched pawns from the base game.
For more details click the link below


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