News Round Up! – 06/09/16

Square Enix have announced a fun new Card Game, “Chocobo’s Crystal Hunt” which is now available for pre-order.
3-5 players will use Chocobos to steal your opponents’ crystals, before they steal yours!
For more information click the link below

Element from Rather Dashing Games is a strategy game for 2 to 4 players. Players take turns drawing and placing Element stones to encircle their opponents’ Sages (player pieces) to claim victory.
Element is due for release December 2016 click the link below for more details!Master-the-forces-of-nature-in-Element/c118b/57c49d12da6989253dff5b76

Starfall from IDW Publishing and Pandasaurus Games is Scott Almes latest game which will be released in November 2016.
Starfall is a game of wits and quick thinking, where the aim is to obtain a more impressive portfolio of cosmic curiosities than your fellow astronomers.
For more details click the link below as preorder is due for release later this month

Blank White Dice is coming from WizKids later this year.
In Blank White Dice you roll the dice to activate the icons on the dice, and gain enough points to win the game!
The difference is that if a blank face is rolled you can draw the icon you wish.
For more details click the link below


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