News Round Up! – 19/09/16

Asmodee North America are releasing a new expansion for Cyclades. Monuments is a small-box expansion which gives players the ability to construct monuments that offer lasting strategic advantages. Each sculpted plastic monument offers a unique ability, from providing free armies to deploying mythological creatures into battle.
For more details click the link below

Fantasy Flight Games have released details on the heroes available in the upcoming Jabba’s Realm expansion for Imperial Assault. This expansion is packed with new terrain tiles, sixteen plastic figures, an entirely new full-length campaign, and new skirmish missions, including rules for running massive, four-player skirmish games!
For full details on the new heroes click the link below

The Official Justice League Board Game is being released on KickStarter later this year by Abba Games. Play your favourite stories from DC Comics universe in this adventure game combat between 2-6 players. The game is divided into missions, each with several chapters. Players will be divided into 2 teams and will face to meet its objectives in each chapter. The winning team will have benefits for the final combat, face to face between the two teams to decide the fate of the world!
For more details click the link below

Hop is a new game announced this week from Passport Game Studios and Funforge games designed by Marie Cardouat. In Hop 3-6 players travel the sky and cross the path of the legendary hippopocorns.
For more details click the link below

 Alderac Entertainment Group have announced Vale of Magic, an expansion for Mystic Vale. The Vale of Magic Expansion adds new advancement and vale cards to the base Mystic Vale game, giving players more card crafting options and exciting new possibilities for powerful combos!
Click the link for more details

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