News Round Up! 26 Sep 2016

Fantasy Flight Games have announced the upcoming release of The Dunwich Legacy, a deluxe expansion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game!

Asmodee North America have announced Deus Egypt, the first expansion for Deus. This expansion adds the wonders of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs and players must lead their people to greatness as they conquer barbarians and compete to build the greatest civilization the world has yet seen!
Click the link for more details

Riot Games are bringing out Mechs Vs Minions a co-operative game set in the League of Legends Universe. Set in the world of Runeterra, players take on the roles of four intrepid Yordles: Corki, Tristana, Heimerdinger, and Ziggs, who must join forces and pilot their newly-crafted mechs against an army of marauding minions.
For more details click the link below

Fantasy Flight Games have announced the U-wing Expansion Pack and TIE Striker Expansion Pack are now being added to the game’s upcoming tenth wave of starship expansions!
Click the link below for more details

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