News Round Up! – 03/10/16

Asmodee North America is publishing 2 new editions for Aye, Dark Overlord! – a Red and a Green edition. The classic 2005 version of the game is re-released in Aye, Dark Overlord! The Red Box, faithfully reproducing all the buck-passing and backstabbing of the original game. That’s not the end, though, because you can tell completely new stories of your mishaps with Aye, Dark Overlord! The Green Box, which includes new actions and an entirely new set of Hint cards, such as Occult Hunters, The Beast from the Labyrinth, The Jar with a Thousand Demons, and Impossible Math Calculations!
For more details click the link below

Rio Grande Games are producing the second edition of Dominion .Six cards are being replaced and one added compared to the first edition. The base cards have art now, and the trash has a mat.
For more details click the link below

Steve Jackson Games are bringing out Ogre Sixth Edition. The Sixth Edition features large 3-D constructible models for the Ogres and Command Posts, with oversized, full-colour counters for regular units.
For more details click the link below

Z-Man Games have announced their Essen Spiel Preview with 5 releases planned for the show. These are Pandemic Iberia, Pandemic the Cure expansion, Carcasonne Amazonas, A Feast for Odin and Nautlion.
For more details on these titles click the link below


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