News Round Up! – 10/10/16

13 Clues has been announced from dV GIOCHI.
13 Clues is set at the end of the 19th century, players are in the shoes of the detectives, each trying to solve their own mystery. Each player sees the clues — person + location + weapon — for the other players but not their own.
For more information click the link below

Bucket King 3D has been announced from Mayday Games In Bucket King 3D, a new version of Stefan Dorra’s The Bucket King, players lay down sets of animal cards to try to knock over every other’s pyramids of buckets.
For more information click the link below

A new expansion is coming out or Once Upon a Time from Atlas Games, Fairy Tales. Shuffle these elfin cards into your Once Upon a Time collection to sprinkle some magic fairy dust on your storytelling fun! Click the link for more details

Fantasy Flight Games will be publishing the Cooperative Miniatures Game Siege of the Citadel with MODIPHIUS Entertainment and Cabinet Entertainment. For more details on this new edition click the link below

Coming soon from Horrible Games is a new expansion for Steam Park, Play Dirty.
Play Dirty adds Park Directors, Espionage Dice, Stingy Visitors, Ride Extensions and 5 new Stands. For more details click the link below.


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