Package?! Preview

​Package?! is a new abstract game coming from Chris Shepperton from Half Wing Games, which will soon be launching on Kickstarter soon. I was sent a prototype copy so I can give my thoughts.

Package!? is a competitive, abstract strategy game, designed with very quick play in mind! 2-4 players are delivering packages to 5 different locations and trying to earn the most points while doing so. The number of packages you deliver is dependant on the player count. 

At the beginning of your turn you roll a standard 6 sided dice that gives you a choice of actions. 

If you roll a 1 to 5 you can place a package on that location or you can move a package from a location which has that many packages on it to location 1. 

If you roll a 6 you get 3 options.

1. Place a package on the location you are on 

2. Remove a package from the location you are on from the game 

3. Place a package on a location you have no packages on.

If you roll the location you are on you can place a package and move a package or a player pawn.

Play continues until all packages are delivered on the final turn you roll the die and can remove a package from the game or change the location of a package.   Scoring is equivalent to the location with location 1 scoring 1 point per package up to a max of 4 packages, location 2 scores 2 points and so on for the other locations. The player with the most points wins.


Package?! Is a light abstract filler that only takes 10 minutes to play. The wooden components are decent quality and the rules are pretty straight forward.  This is a fun game that is reliant on luck but offers enough choice on your turn to keep it interesting.  Do you Mess over your competitors by removing their packages from high scoring locations or hope someone else will do that for you so you can place your own package and score big?

I would definitely recommend this game if you enjoy a combination of luck and strategy and want something quick and fun. 

Make sure you check out the KickStarter page when it launches soon!

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